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ECU remapping, Chip tuning, ECU programming etc...

We tune cars using the highly appraised software by Celtic Tuning from UK (


  1. Search for your car using our tool HERE.

  2. If you like what you see, click "Tarjouspyyntö" and fill in the pop-up form (please mention that you want the answer in english!) or contact us through the contact form below.

  3. We will get back to you asap (usually within minutes) with the exact price, timetable etc.

  4. OR you can just call us directly at 045 130 8995 and sort things out right away!

  5. Bring your car in and jump into our free courtesy car as we reprogram your ECU.

  6. Pickup your newborn car and tell all your friends about it! :)


Programming through the OBD-port: 500€ (1-2 hours)

BMW F & G-series: NOW ONLY 550€ (1-3 hours) (was 650€)

If ECU is locked and requires tuning outside of the car: 650€ (3-4 hours)

Optional dynorun before & after: 200€

All prices includes 24% VAT.

We accept credit / debit cards, cash and billing options including part payment (svea, jousto, collector, mash).

You can also pay in advance through our webshop where you can choose from multiple different payment options. Unfortunately at the moment the webshop is available in Finnish language only.


Keimolanmäentie 11 E 22

01700 Vantaa

Tel / Whatsapp: 045 130 8995


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